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Pro Tools tips, tricks, support and news for users of Pro Tools. Free Pro Tools video tutorials and free Pro Tools plug-ins. We support both the music and post production community.

We offer advice for users of all versions of Pro Tools both current and legacy formats. We’re independent and are not affiliated with Avid or their associated companies.

The FREE Pro Tools Plug-ins List

If you are looking for some FREE Pro Tools plug-ins, then here’s the list.

It features FREE RTAS and AAX Pro Tools plug-ins and is updated regularly. If you think we’ve missed one then please let us know. This is a searchable database; you can search for free Pro Tools plug-ins in various ways.

You can find more details for any of the FREE Pro Tools plug-ins listed, by using the menu to the left of each listing. 

Please note: All links here are offered as a free service and no warranty is expressed or implied. Always check downloads for viruses before installing/using. No support is offered by Pro Tools Expert for this service.